The Church Where The Spirit of God Dwells

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Bishop Ernest C. Morris, Sr., Founder
& Bishop J. Louis Felton, Senior Pastor

IYD Fine Arts:
IYD Praise Dance Ministries 
Sound of Judah Drumline 
God’s Little Voices Choir (Ages 2-12) - Music/Youth Department
Ernest Carol Morris United Voices Choir (ECM) - (Ages 13-18) - Music/Youth Department
Young Adult Praise Team (YAM-PT) – (Ages 18-30) – Music /Youth Department

IYD Educational & Mentoring
Young People Willing Workers (Y.P.W.W.
IYD Book Ministry 
Report Card Recognition Committee/Tutoring Assistance 
IYD Education Committee – (Organizing 2018, Adults Only)
Iron Sharpens Iron Young Men Mentoring Program (ISI
Young Men of Valor (YMOV) - (3rd Sundays Only)
Young Women of Excellence (YWE) - (3rd Sundays Only)
Young Adult Ministry (YAM) / College Watch-Care Ministry (CWC)

IYD Outreach, Service and Sports
Boys Basketball Program 
Girls Basketball Program
Youth Track & Field Program
Youth Ambassadors (Reorganizing)
Mt. Airy Girl Scouts
IYD Hospitality Committee
IYD Parent Committee – (Adults Only)

Mt. Airy Youth Department Tier Ministries:
IYD Children’s Ministry – A.R.M.Y. (Ages 2-12)
IYD Teen Ministry (Ages 13-17)
IYD Young Adult Ministry (Ages 18-30)

IYD Monthly Services:
3rd Friday Night Youth Services/Events 
4th Sunday Children’s Church – Every 4th Sunday at 10:30AM (Ages 2-12 only)